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Egg Mountain Farm - All Natural Personal Care

                                  EGG MOUNTAIN FARM                
                                   535 Beattie Hollow Rd
                                           Salem, NY 12865
                            [email protected]

      Welcome to my website and thank you of visiting.

 Are you someone who is looking to moisturize your skin?                        
            Feel better about your appearance?
         Than look no farther, my site is for you!

My customers say that by using my lotion it has kept there skin soft and silky and are amazed at the difference in there skin.
                 They can not believed it! 
  Try it for yourself and you too will be a true believer!   
                What do you have to lose?

     I want to Thank all my loyal customers and my new customers for believing in my products and for believing in me!
     I am a very grateful women I have produced my own product line that is used by many from California to New York, north and south in the united states.
          God love you and be with you all your day!




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